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Safari Dreams: A Practical Guide To Your Hunt In Africa

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Safari Dreams: A Practical Guide To Your Hunt In Africa.

A modern and thorough how-to on all aspects of one's first African safari by an experienced author/traveler/shooter/hunter. Uniquely packaged with information, tips, and ideas you won't find in any other book.

He has spent the five summers in Africa, in the field as both a client hunter and PH trainee on a game ranch. Complementing the masters such as Robert Ruark, Peter Capstick, and Craig Boddington, Safari Dreams offers a unique perspective on African hunting, with a captivating writing style. A great read for the novice and intermediate.

Do you need a .300 mag for Africa?
.375 H&H versus .416 Rem.
.416/400gr versus .458/500gr.

Includes 100 never-before-published color photos of South Africa and Tanzania, in the field and tourist travels.

As Royce writes:
Action turns daydreams into memories.

Safari Dreams will not only inform, it will inspire you to finally go to Africa!

1) Ethics of Hunting
2) The Golden Age of Safaris
3) Planning & Pricing
4) Insurance & Health
5) Transportation
6) 2x1 Hunts
7) Packing
8) Plains Game Rifles, Calibers, & Bullets
9) Buffalo Rifles, Calibers, & Bullets
10) Safe Gun Handling
11) South Africa People & Customs
12) Animals
13) Camp Life
14) Hunting
15) Tipping
16) Hotels & Shopping
17) Trophy Costs
18) Planning Timeline
19) Packing Checklist
20) For Women Only
21) Books, Videos, and Resources

UPDATE! The cast-steel rifle receiver thesis by a contributing author on pages 9/42-46 has been discredited.
Javelin Press retracts the material, and regrets its publication.

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