R.A. Salvatore BC Products/Tact-Tiles™ Interview

BC: How did you first find out about Tact-Tiles strategy gaming grids?
RAS: I fretted about gaming mats for years and years now, and kept threatening to design one that would fit my needs. (I got tired of using office white boards, chalk tray and all!) I've known Trace Cooper since his involvement with the Camelot convention, and when he told me about Tact-tiles, I was more than a little interested, as it sounded exactly like what I had hoped for all along.

BC: Are you presently using Tact-Tiles in your game, and if so, how often?
RAS: Yes we are, every week.

BC: What key features and attributes attracted you to Tact-Tiles?
RAS: First, the tiles lay flat, with no annoying ridges that break the bindings on your books and tip over your drinks. What really make the tiles fly, though, is their versatility. No more erasing the last room to make room for the new room (especially if you've gone around a corner!). What I've found in gaming is that the accessories, particularly the mat, have to be, first and foremost, convenient. Slowing the game for fifteen minutes while the DM constructs and shoehorns a map really takes me out of the moment. Tact-tiles are fast to use....plot it out and get on with the adventure!

BC: In your opinion, what benefits do Tact-Tiles have over existing Battle mats?
RAS: Ease of use, ease of erasing, and most of all, the ability to let the dungeon design control the flow of the mat and not vice-versa. I remember a time, a long time ago (longer than I'd like to admit!) when we figured out that our DM had a quick fix that would make him fit any dungeon he did to the mat, without any free space. It made it pretty easy to figure out where a secret door would be.

BC: On a scale of one to ten, ten being best, how would rate or assess the product?
RAS: Well, if products are to be measured against other similar existing products, then this one ranks as a 10.