The Secret in the Temple of Notch: fun comics for kids (Flash and Bones Book 23)

Calvin Crowther

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Release: Thursday, January 16, 2020
Publisher: CalvinArts
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Binding: Kindle Edition

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Can Flash and his friends unravel the clues to his past?

Flash, Launa and Grimm head into the temple of Notch to complete the prophecy, and discover the hidden secret hidden that will reveal how to defeat Herobrine at last.

However, the solar eclipse is starting, which means that trouble is brewing. Enemies wait around every corner.

Can they make it past the treacherous mountain full of creepers and through the crumbling temple itself? Is the secret of the temple what Flash is seeking and will it give him the knowledge and power he needs?

Are you looking for Minecraft Herobrine books? Check out these fun comics for kids that love Minecraft!

This best Minecraft books series has over 100 fully illustrated comic pages per comic and a FREE text version for each!

If you want your kids to beg you to let them read, then why not get them something they already enjoy? These Minecraft books for kids are just the thing you need.

Are you looking for Minecraft creeper books or zombie books for kids? These Flash and Bones Minecraft books have that, and are great zombie books to read!

With Minecraft zombies, skeletons, creepers, endermen, wolves, an evil witch, the ender dragon, and even new monsters you’ve never seen before!

Follow our new hero Flash and his companion, a Minecraft villager named Bones, on their adventure to defeat Herobrine!

Seasonal Minecraft Comics:
- #1 Headless Harvest in Hoggleton
- #2 Wonderful Winter Tales

Books in the Flash and Bones Minecraft comics series:
- #1 The Empty Tomb of Herobrine
- #2 Leetah the Wicked Witch
- #3 The Mysterious Bloodrock Mountains
- #4 Herobrine's Mountain Prison
- #5 The Enderman Zombie Potion (currently being re-made)
- #6 Secret Stronghold in the Wild West
- #7 The Demon Zombie Curse
- #8 The Jungle Demon Agramon
- #9 Agramon's Nether Fortress
- #10 The Magic Golden Apple
- #11 The Creeper Canyon Quest
- #12 Bandits and the Magic Underworld
- #13 Death in the Cavern of Terror
- #14 The Epic Bandit Rescue
- #15 The Zombie Curse Awakens
- #16 Battle Bots from Below
- #17 Purging the Station
- #18 Rise of the Reaper
- #19 New Heroes and Old Enemies
- #20 Battle of the Brothers
- #21 An Uprising in Angel's Army
- #22 The Frost Dragon Fight
- #23 The Secret in the Temple of Notch
- #24 Waging the Winter War
- #25 The Choice of the Bionic Hunter

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