Action Comics: The Minecraft Adventures of Steve and Alex: The Pirates of Skull Island - Part Six (Conclusion) (Minecraft Steve and Alex Adventures Book 43)

Anneline Kinnear

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Release: Monday, January 13, 2020
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On their quest to save Alex’s mermaid friend Marial who had been kidnapped by ruthless pirates and sold off to a travelling carnival, Minecraft Steve & Alex had to endure many hardships and overcome many obstacles in order to survive after being left for dead on Ghost Island by their old pirate enemy Captain Greybeard.
After finally reaching Skull Island, they have the misfortune of bumping into Greybeard and his pirate crew once more, who mistakenly believe that Steve and Alex had stolen and hidden the fabled Ghost Island treasure. The pirates turn on them and only with Jedrick’s clever help and fast thinking, are they able to outwit the pirates and finally make it back to the mainland to go and find the travelling circus and rescue Marial. But between them and the mainland, a giant and deadly sea creature called a kraken lies in wait. Will the Jolly Roger be able to survive the kraken’s attack at sea or will the ship go down to Davey Jones’s locker?

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