Vampire Claim: Paranormal Romance (Real Men of Othercross Book 2)

Celia Kyle
Marina Maddix

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Release: Thursday, January 16, 2020
Publisher: Real Men Romance
Sales Rank: 1721
Binding: Kindle Edition

Features: Kindle eBook

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The man was "Oh God I wanna have your baby" good in bed and now... well... she's gonna have his baby and he's nowhere in sight.

After one passionate night, witch Iris Holloway is left with more than just the memory of the sexiest vampire she’d ever met--she's pregnant. And the little bladder squasher inside her belly seems to take great joy in reminding her of its presence at the most inopportune moments. Like when she's sitting in judgment over another witch in her job as an Othercross Sentinel. It's hard to focus on justice when a gal's gotta pee.

It's also hard to focus when when the baby’s vampire Master father shows up at her work after seven long months, trying to claim her as his Beloved. Ridiculous! If they were truly fated for each other, he never would have left her. The smoking hot vamp is just jealous that Iris has moved on and found a guy who will stick around for more than just one night.


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