The Lost Reavers

Mike Truk

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Release: Tuesday, December 24, 2019
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The curse that made Lord Hugh the most dangerous man in the empire also destroyed his will to live. 

But it makes him perfect for a suicide mission that'll send him against an enemy no mortal can defeat.

His only aid comes in the form of three lethally gorgeous women: Morwyn, a deadly guard captain who has honed her skills as a warrior while hiding her soul behind a shield of violence. Anastasia, a naive but powerful sorceress, and Elena, a bar wench, who tags along for her reasons of her own, and harbors a terrible secret.

Only Hugh's curse - that source of his ungodly might - gives him a chance of winning through. But choosing to embrace that power could have consequences far beyond anything he could imagine...

A new harem fantasy from the author of The Five Trials.

Warning and minor spoilers: This is an 18+ book intended for mature readers. It contains graphic sex, medieval violence, and harem relationships.

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