Wings on my Back (The Dragon Inside Book 2)

Alex Sapegin

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Release: Monday, January 15, 2018
Publisher: Litworld Ltd.
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Get ready for breathtaking battles: it’s time to sharpen the swords and prepare the magic scrolls. Let the adventure begin!
Although Andy has already adapted to his dragon form, he still struggles to make sense of his very human feelings from his previous life. Now he goes forward to the biggest city on the continent.
In his efforts to find a way back home, Andy enrolls into the Magic School of Orthen. However, his peaceful days of study are quickly interrupted, as he soon discovers that the cellars are full of secret archives and dangerous mysteries. The students are not always who they say they are, and the Magic School holds a labyrinth of never-ending intrigue.
The World of Ilanta is preparing for war, with natural disaster pushing events to a climax. The world of Ilanta as Andy knows it is on the edge of destruction.
“Wings on my Back” is the second addition to the series “The Dragon Inside” by Alex Sapegin. It is a story of mystery and the cruel realities of a dying world. Andy learns about true friendship, honor, justice, and experiences life firsthand as the last “True Blood” dragon.
Will Andy be able to save the ones he loves? Will he be able to reconcile the duality of his human heart and dragon instincts? Follow Andy on his journey through Ilanta in Alex Sapegin’s “Wings On My Back.”

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