Immortalis (The Second DemonWars Saga, Book 3)

R.A. Salvatore

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Release: Tuesday, April 29, 2003
Publisher: Del Rey
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In this extraordinary third and final work in the Second DemonWars Saga, R. A. Salvatore weaves a diverse tapestry of characters and events from all the novels of the DemonWars Saga into an epic, unforgettable conclusion. Casting his inimitable spell of the human and supernatural, love and war, faith and faithlessness, Salvatore’s crowning work is centered on a dark young king, driven by a quest to remake humankind.

In Honce-the-Bear, King Aydrian Boudabras wakes in a cold sweat, his conscience haunted by those he has killed to garner power, including the rightful king before him, Danube, his mother’s husband. Now Aydrian is preparing his armies for war, forging loyalties, playing one adversary against the other, and giving those around him barely a glimpse of his remarkable powers. Even Adyrian does not fully understand what drives his ambition, the guiding voices he first heard from the shadow of Oracle, or the truth of his birth in the elven land—before it was stained and mortally threatened by the demon dactyl.

Yet in the neighboring Behren, the evil Yatol Bardoh is unleashing a war engine of his own, using armies of mercenaries and horrific tactics to bring down the walls of Jacintha and to drive a ferocious dragon from the city of Dharyan.

Between these two men, an explosive chain of events has been set into motion. Refugees flood the roads and valleys, alliances are formed and broken, navies clash at sea, and assassins seek their moment to strike. With Aydrian’s power and popularity turning into an avalanche, and the courageous Brynn Dharielle valiantly standing in the way of the Yatol Bardoh, the great players in the DemonWars Saga will unite and clash on a single, magnificent stage.

But as the lands run with blood, there are no adversaries like a mother and her long-lost son. For Jilseponie, once queen of Honce-the-Bear, has discovered the truth of her son Aydrian’s birth. And now she becomes the only mortal on earth with magic enough to stop her own son—by any means necessary—from his cataclysmic quest. . . . Review

At the conclusion of the Second Demon War Saga's dual expositions, Ascendance and Trancendence, the stage is set for Imortalis--R. A. Salvatore's thunderous third act. Young King Aydrian has usurped the throne of Honce-the-Bear with the villainous Marcalo De'Unnero at his side. Simultaneously, in the desert lands of Behren, Brynn Dharielle has used political machination and her monstrous ally--the dragon Agradeleous--to free her people, the To-gai, from the Yatol yoke. Aydrian seeks to secure his throne and expand his kingdom into the lands of Behren. His strength and cunning bring him to brink of success, where he meets the heroes of the first Demon War Saga, including his mother Jilesponie, and the Dragon of To-gai, who must unite against impossible odds to save the world.

Aydrian Boudabras is one of Salvatore's most exquisite creations (no offense to Drizzt Do'Urden, of course). At some points in the novel, it's even possible to root for the feisty usurper. It's also plain to see that here, as in the previous Demon War books, Salvatore loves playing king of his own fantasy realm, free from the fetters of the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and Star Wars universes where he has also successfully roamed. Imortalis deftly combines the characters and events from the entire Demon War Cycle into a rich and satisfying conclusion. --Jeremy Pugh

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