Ascendance (The Second Demonwars Saga, Book 1)

R.A. Salvatore

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Release: Tuesday, May 1, 2001
Publisher: Del Rey
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Years have passed since the great miracle atop Mount Aida--a miracle known as the Covenant of Avelyn. Corona is a different place. Avelyn is about to be elevated to sainthood by the very church that once proclaimed him a heretic. And King Danube has asked Jilseponie Wyndon--the outlaw hero of the Demon War--to become his queen.

Jilseponie is torn. She can never love any man as completely as she did the Ranger Elbryan, the father of the child she lost. But she cannot deny that she has feelings for the wise and kindly king. And she could do so much good at his side . . .

Yet threat looms, one Jilseponie could never have anticipated. For the child that she lost never died--as she believes--but was stolen away by the queen of the elves. Raised in secret by the queen, he has grown to be a headstrong boy who shows every promise of being as skilled in the arts of combat as his father before him, and as powerful with the gemstone magic as his mother.

They called him Aydrian.

Aydrian: a boy raised to be a weapon. A boy who has never known the love of a human mother. A boy so hungry for fame and the sound of his name on human tongues that he will pay any price for a chance to wrest immortality from an uncaring world.

Aydrian: a boy on a collision course with destiny! Review

R.A. Salvatore begins his second DemonWars trilogy with Ascendance, continuing the story of Pony, who is now Jilseponie Wyndon, the Baroness of Palmaris. This first book in the trilogy effectively sets up a new battle of good versus evil with plenty of action, political intrigue, and foes both old and new.

Good King Danube, ruler of the kingdom of Honce-the-Bear, is smitten with the lovely Baroness Jilseponie and seeks to have her as his wife against the wishes of his long-time mistress and much of the royal court. While Jilseponie does care for Danube, she still suffers from the loss of her husband, Elbryan the Nightbird, and their unborn child.

Unknown to Jilseponie, the child she thought dead was actually stolen and raised by elves. Despite the elves' purpose, the headstrong young Aydrian has plans of his own. Under their harsh guidance he has come to possess the fighting skill of his father and his mother's talent with gemstone magic. Every night a dark spirit whispers to him, guiding him. But is it the spirit of his father, the Nightbird, or is it something much more sinister?

As Aydrian escapes the elves, he finds an unlikely ally in Jilseponie's enemy, former Bishop De'Unnero, the weretiger. Together they set about a series of events that ensure that Pony's life and the peaceful kingdom of Honce-the-Bear will never be the same again.

Fans of the first DemonWars trilogy will be happy to see the continuation of Pony's story, and Ascendance effectively sets up the next trilogy with a compelling conflict not destined to be resolved until the final book. However, the villains are often more interesting than the hero, and Salvatore sometimes uses action to gloss over plotting that makes little sense. Despite its flaws, Ascendance has lively scenes, conflicted and interesting villains, and an exciting climax. Those new to DemonWars will want to begin with the first trilogy, starting with The Demon Awakens. --Kathie Huddleston

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