Tales from Tethedril

Scott Siegel

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Release: Sunday, June 28, 1998
Publisher: Del Rey
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Binding: Mass Market Paperback



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In God's Law," the keystone of this stunning anthology of short fiction set in the mythical world of Tethedril, R. A. Salvatore inspires the imaginations of fantasy's most promising writers.

¸  Elaine Cunningham
¸  Christie Golden
¸  Ed Greenwood
¸  Mary H. Herbert
¸  Marcy Kirchoff
¸  Douglas Niles
¸  Nick O'Donohoe
¸  Dan Parkinson

As a fiery comet streaks past the world of Tethedril, sultry temperatures beckon the reptilian Saurans out of hibernation and into grisly battle with the Humans. Journey to a world where two races have been locked in bloody warfare since the dawn of time, where mind and magic are at the mercy of nature's primordial patterns. Join these extraordinary writers as they spin fascinating tales that reveal the fate of all those who live and die in the land of Tethedril . . .

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