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Brave and beautiful Brynn Dharielle has ventured on a daring mission to free her beloved homeland from tyrannical rule. But she cannot imagine the depth of chaos and betrayal that seethes amid a ruthless sect of warrior priests, led by an evil chieftain who conceals a dark, age-old secret. For Brynn and her trusted elven companion, the way to Behren turns into a fierce and illuminating voyage. But by the time Brynn reaches the land where she once saw her parents murdered, the seeds of revolution are already flourishing. The first salvo of a sweeping battle has begun—one that will threaten to destroy the heart and soul of her world. . . .

Outstanding . . . Brynn Dharielle is a first-rate female high-fantasy protagonist.

Style Paperback, 592 pages
Publisher Del Rey (April 29, 2003)