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The Dragon's Dagger

The Dragon's Dagger

In the sequel to The Woods Out Back, Gary returns to the realm of Faerie to find a changed world and journeys through the enchanted land on a quest to find an ancient hero's sacred armor and magic spear and battle the dark shadows of evil.

Salvatore continues the saga of Gary Leger, the reluctant, mundane hero of the battles of Faerie begun in The Woods Out Back. Gary now has a career and a girlfriend, but the wars call him back. Robert the Dragon is roaming the land, seeking whom he might broil; the wicked witch seeks freedom from her imprisonment; and if that weren't enough, the human intrigues that Salvatore offers up would keep a half dozen heroes busy. So Gary has a lively time of it in Faerie, which Salvatore recaptures with verve and wit and many nice touches, such as the constant arguments between the humane Gary and his bloodthirsty, magical lance. A classic tale of humans caught in the toils of Faerie, certain to retain its predecessor's audience.

Style Paperback, 320 pages
Publisher Ace (August 01, 1994)