Starlight Enclave E-Signings

An E-Signing is a service for those fans who cannot meet with Mr. Salvatore directly on his book signing tour and yet still want a book signed by him.

Throughout the year offers different books to be signed. If the website has received payment for the book(s) then that book is set aside and Mr. Salvatore signs/personalizes it for the fan. E-Signings are a great opportunity for fans and collectors.

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Does Mr. Salvatore personally sign each and every book?
Absolutely! Mr. Salvatore personally sits down and signs each and every book.
Where is my book? takes reserves for our e-signings and we are not allowed to ship the books until the publisher release date.
Can I send a book I already own to be signed through the e-signing?
Unfortunately no. At this time we do not offer a service that accepts books shipped to us.
Can I contact Mr. Salvatore through this web form?
No. This web form is for contact with our staff about e-signing related questions. Although kinds word are always appreciated and usually passed on, this is not the preferred method of contacting Mr. Salvatore.
What are some ideas for a personalization?
Some examples are "Happy Birthday <name>" or "Happy Holidays..."
Why isn't the personalization exactly what I requested?
Mr. Salvatore has the final say on all personalizations. If he feels the need to change or edit the personalization then he has that right.
Why do the page edges of some novels look rough and unfinished?
This Book Is Bound with "Deckle Edge" Paper. Deckle edge books are bound with pages that are made to resemble handmade paper by applying a frayed texture to the edges. Deckle edge is an ornamental feature designed to set certain titles apart from books with machine-cut pages.
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