You're Mine Vol.2 (Manga Comic Book Graphic Novel)


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Release: Thursday, July 5, 2012
Publisher: Publingual Inc.
Sales Rank: 38035
Binding: Kindle Edition

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UPDATE: There is a newer version of this e-book available. Please search by [You're Mine -The Complete Chance At Romance Edition (Vols.1-7) ]

“From now on, you are mine.”
And thus, high school student, Nao Takano, declared that his classmate, Ayumi Aso, belonged to him.

Ayumi gradually becomes acquainted with Takano. He is curt with words, gentle, and wholly devoted to Ayumi, which makes her heart flutter.

But just when Ayumi begins realizing her feelings for Takano, a rival for Takano’s affection appears!

Enjoy the twists and turns of Ayumi and Takano’s relationship in Volume 2!

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