TotalMount Roku Mounting Kit (Compatible with Roku XD and Roku XS)


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MOUNT YOUR ROKU EASILY (WITHOUT TOOLS OR WALL DAMAGE) - Roku is a great product, but there is a problem: Where do you put your Roku? The cords often are not long enough to reach your entertainment center, and even if they were, routing wires through the wall to hide the wires is a major hassle and leaving wires exposed looks sloppy. TotalMount solves this problem by attaching Roku to the back of your TV for clutter-free entertainment. FAQ - Does Roku's remote work with the Roku streaming player located behind the television? Answer - Yes, the remote works normally. If you have an infrared (IR) light remote, the light emitted from the remote bounces off the wall behind the television and then hits Roku's sensor. If you have a radio-frequency (RF) remote, the radio frequency will pass through the TV.

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