Slumber Party Wars

Melanie Marks

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Release: Sunday, July 31, 2011
Publisher: Wonder Publishing
Sales Rank: 1963
Binding: Kindle Edition

Features: Kindle eBook

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When twelve-year-old, Nicole, is forced to go to a new school, nothing goes right. She swallows her contacts, throws up on the boy she likes, and looks like a dork in front of Sara, the girl she wants to be friends with most. Nicole faces one horrible (but funny!) problem after another. THEN, right when Nicole is finally making friends and fitting in at her new school, a mean trick is played on a girl in her class—starting the Slumber Party Wars.

Funny 20,000-words middle-grade novel. For girls ages 9-12.

**Note: For a limited time another funny story by Melanie Marks is included in this book as well. Enjoy!

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