Ruins of UnderMountain (AD&D 2nd Ed. Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms)

Ed Greenwood

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Publisher: TSR Inc.
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Binding: Hardcover

Features: Box set


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What's Included in this listing? (1) Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms; The Ruins of Undermountain campaign boxed set (complete) - (1) 128 page book about Undermountain - (1) 32 page adventure book - (4), full-color fold out maps - (8) cards with "Monstrous Compendium" pages of new monsters, treasures, traps, and more. Specs: Publisher: TSR Inc. MPN: 1060 Circa Year: 1991 Edition: 2nd Edition ISBN: 1-56076-061-3 Condition: Used/Complete/Good Cosmetic Condition: Each item is in good to very good condition with only a few pieces showing light wear. The box has several light to moderate wrinkles, whitening of the edges, and very light scuffing. There are two small "yellowing" spots on one of the maps.

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