Scalped, Vol. 9: Knuckle Up

Jason Aaron

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Release: Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Publisher: Vertigo
Sales Rank: 519973
Binding: Paperback



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Fifteen years ago, Dashiell "Dash" Bad Horse ran away from a life of poverty and hopelessness on the Prairie Rose Indian Reservationin search of something better. Now he's come back home armed with nothing but a set of nunchucks, a hell-bent-for leather attitude and one dark secret, to find nothing much has changed on "The Rez" -- short of a glimmering new casino run by a corrupt leader named Red Crow, and a once-proud people overcome by drugs and organized crime.

In this volume, war breaks out on the reservation as Red Crow loses his grip on the reins and Dash Bad Horse faces his toughest and fiercest foe yet.

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