Shattered Keeps Map Pack: A Dungeons & Dragons Accessory

Wizards RPG Team

List Price: $11.95

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Release: Tuesday, December 18, 2012
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Sales Rank: 634608
Binding: Paperback



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Product Description

This accessory includes three double-sided 21" x 30" tactical battle maps -- a total of six beautifully rendered encounter locations, each one suitable for any D&D game. Each map is laid out on a one-inch-scale square grid, allowing it to be used with D&D miniatures and/or card stock tokens.

Two of the mapped locations are new, depicting a ruined keep and a besieged cliffside fortress built by dwarves. The remaining four map locations are picked up from out-of-print D&D products and present adventure locations tied to the "shattered keeps" theme.

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