The Black Talon (Dragonlance: Ogre Titans, Vol. 1)

Richard A. Knaak

List Price: $6.99

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Release: Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Sales Rank: 1168369
Binding: Mass Market Paperback



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Product Description

An ancient ogre empire threatens cataclysm for all in this new Dragonlance(R) trilogy!

With a dire enemy now seated on the throne of the minotaur empire, the one-handed half-breed ogre Golgren returns to his own realm on the mainland and uses brutal means to consolidate his power and forge unlikely alliances. He must cope with an elite band of sorcerers, whose magical tactics are not easily thwarted. These Ogre Titans--led by their inner circle, the Black Talon--emerge as his greatest rivals. Golgren's obsession to resurrect the glorious past of the ogre race will engulf humans and elves, but may ultimately be decided by a deadly, capricious god.

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