Heroes of Horror (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying Supplement)

James Wyatt
Ari Marmell
C.A. Suleiman

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Release: Saturday, October 1, 2005
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Sales Rank: 252489
Binding: Hardcover



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Product Description

The essential handbook integrating fear and horror into Dungeons & Dragons® play.

Heroes of Horror provides everything players and Dungeon Masters need to play and run a horror-oriented campaign or integrate elements of creepiness & tension into their existing campaigns. Players can develop heroes or anti-heroes using new feats, new spells, new base classes and prestige classes, and new magic items. The book presents new mechanics for different types of horror, including rules for dread and tainted characters, as well as plenty of new horrific monsters and adventure seeds. Different types and genres of horror are discussed in detail.

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