The Inheritance (Dragonlance Classics)

Nancy Varian Berberick

List Price: $6.99

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Release: Friday, June 1, 2001
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Sales Rank: 1954587
Binding: Mass Market Paperback



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Product Description

The Inheritance depicts the origins of one of the greatest heroes of Krynn and provides detailed information about this point in history. Fans will be interested in filling in the history of Dragonlance with this novel.

Kidnapped by outlaws, an elven princess places her faith in her husband and the gods to save her. Lord of a ragtag band, her human captor has no faith in anything but his keen wits. The princess and the outlaw forge new definitions of trust and faith and from their love will spring one of the greatest heroes Krynn has ever known-Tanis Half-Elven, Hero of the Lance.

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