Tarzan the Invincible

Edgar Rice Burroughs

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Release: Friday, April 12, 1974
Publisher: Ballantine Books
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TARZAN, Mighty Hunter, Mighty Fighter! Tarzan the Invincible, embroiled in a thrilling Red plot for the domination of savage Africa. Here, in his own grim jungle and in the wild wastes of mysterious Abyssinia, he meets high adventure—with cruel, relentless, unscrupulous enemies. Here, swinging through the giant forests with Tarzan, you will meet new friends and old. Zora Drinov, the beautiful Russian conspirator, will puzzle you to the last. You will like Wayne Colt, the American, and you will think that you know all about him, but you won’t. Little Nkima, the tiny monkey, comes again to thwart the enemies of Tarzan; and the incomparable La, High Priestess of the Flaming God, and Tantor, the elephant, and Numa, the lion; the Great Apes, the Waziri and all the myriad life that makes the teeming jungle beloved of Tarzan. And when you have turned the last page you will say that this is the greatest Tarzan story that Edgar Rice Burroughs ever wrote. Long available only with censored text, ERBville Press is proud to present the original First Edition book version of this novel in the Tarzan Series.

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